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Market leading technologies coupled with the highest quality services

Our dedication to Research and Development

Leveraging its R&D network, driven by Ebara Open Innovation and the Ebara Open Laboratory, Ebara will promote more joint-research with research institutes outside the group, including universities, and encourage more collaboration between development departments at its business group subsidiaries worldwide. In this way, Ebara intends to promote original R&D that otherwise could not be achieved independently by the company.

Ebara aims to make its fluid technologies, numerical analysis techniques, materials, analysis and other foundational technologies the very best in the world. By incorporating advanced techniques and methodologies based on these technologies, the company will work to further enhance the core technologies that go into its products while developing technologies for the future.

Ebara Engineering Review

Founded in over 100 years of tradition, we take immense pride in our dedication to continually drive fresh innovations as well as the development and refining of our current offerings.

Ebara Engineering Review presents research, technical advancements, and new products in easy to understand terms.

Discover EBARA Technologies and Services

Products and Services Supported by Cutting-Edge Technology

1.Pump Systems

Water Hammer Analysis

Sudden changes in ?ow velocity cause transient pressure changes in the pipeline system. This phenomenon called “Water Hammer” may occur by Pump Start / Stop / Trip or Valve Open / Close, and it sometimes damages pipelines, pumps or valves. In particular, some long pipeline systems have high risk for Water Hammer. Therefore, Water Hammer Analysis is required in the system design to avoid damages of pipeline system.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis on the Pumping Station Design

Design of intake channels and suction pits in the pumping stations must be suitable for reliable and efficient pump operation. If inadequate, uneven intake ?ow or harmful vortex ?ow which lead to vibration or a drop in performance might be generated. Therefore, CFD analysis shall be calculated to con?rm the suitable design of intake channels and suction pits.

2. Flow Optimization

Ebara produces high-efficiency and high-performance pumps that meet the required operating conditions by using optimization technology combining the computational analysis of water ?ow inside the pump, and the unique design methodology of the internal geometry of pumps through simulations under prescribed ideal ?ow conditions (3D inverse design method).

High-Flow Pumps

Ebara has developed compact pumps with high ?ow based on computational ?ow analysis and optimization, such as a pump with a ?ow capacity of 50 m3/s, in which a suction velocity is twice that of conventional pumps.

High-Pressure Pumps for RO Desalination Plants

High-pressure pumps for RO desalination plants, power plants, etc., are operated for long periods of time and required to achieve high efficiency.  Flow optimization is indispensable for the design of high-efficiency pumps; for instance, the 3D inverse design method is used to design the shape of an impeller that ensures water ?ow with minimum energy loss.

Pumps for Cryogenic Lique?ed Gas

Cryogenic pumps are used as main equipment for LNG transfer. The high suction performance required for cryogenic pumps directly leads to the economical effciency of LNG transportation. Pump cavitation deteriorates the suction performance of pumps and causes unstable operation. Ebara designs reliable pumps with high suction performance by using cutting-edge cavitation CFD and optimization based on the 3D inverse design method.

3. Materials

Corrosion Protection

Seawater is used at many facilities, including desalination plants and power plants that use large amounts of cooling water. However, stainless steel and other materials corrode in seawater. Ebara has extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with the causes of corrosion, e.g., sea-area-dependant salt concentrations and temperatures, material types, di?erence of potential between materials, water ?ow, and velocity di?erences. Thus, we can ensure the stable pumping of seawater through the proper selection of materials, cathodic corrosion protection, BEM-based corrosion prediction analysis, the development of duplex stainless steel fabricated pumps, etc.

Duplex Stainless Steel Pumps

While duplex stainless steel was not previously used for pumps because of the di?culty in welding, Ebara has overcome this challenge by using a proprietary welding technique and developing large fabricated seawater pumps made of duplex stainless steel that are highly resistant to seawater corrosion.  These pumps are currently in operation at various facilities using large amounts of seawater.

Sand Erosion Protection

Repetitive collisions between sand from the water with the surface of the impeller and other pump internal components causes erosion during pumping.  In addition to the use of hard materials, Ebara ensures stable pump operation through erosion rate prediction and erosion protection, such as the spraying of coating containing ceramic.

4. Structural Strength/Vibration Analysis

Structural Strength Analysis

To ensure high product reliability and long service life, it is important to properly evaluate the strength and deformation of pumps under severe operating conditions, e.g., highpressure operation. By combining advanced numerical simulations and experiments, Ebara comprehensively evaluates the strength/deformation of products to achieve their high reliability and long service life.

Vibration Analysis

Vibration/noise must be kept to a minimum for the sake of each pump, piping upstream/downstream of the pump, the building in which the pump is installed, and the entire pump station structure. To ensure safe and stable pump operation, Ebara properly evaluates vibration/noise in the entire pump station by using numerical simulation and long-established measurement/evaluation techniques.

5. Shaft/Bearing/Seal

Rotor Dynamics

To safely operate pumps that run at high speed, the dynamics of pump elements that a?ect shaft stability(shaft seal, bearing, impeller, etc.) and the ?uid force on each element must be correctly understood. Ebara uses unique rotor dynamics test stands based on magnetic bearing technology to measure ?uid forces on shaft seals, bearings, and impellers in di?erent shaft vibration modes that can occur during high-speed pump operation. This technology has also been used to evaluate the rotational stability of JAXA’s rocket pumps.

Injection Pumps

As carbon capture and storage (CCS) is gaining increasing attention as a measure against global warming, there are high expectations for injection pumps to inject liquefied carbon dioxide into the ground. Bearings for safe and stable pump operation under high-pressure conditions and seal technology to prevent external leakage of acid gas are also important.

6.EBARA Pursues Ultimate Energy Conservation with Small Footprint For Dry Vacuum Pump

Ebara dry vacuum pumps are used in manufacturing processes of semiconductor and display as well as instruments of precise measurements and analysis. Plants of semiconductor and display require our pumps to function without fail 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition, saving energy demands such as the power consumption reduction increase as well as pumping performance enhancement for the pump. Ebara works closely with clients to develop and deliver products that achieve efficiency and energy goals that match your needs.

Semiconductor manufacturing equipment, which require completely dust free environments, need to be installed in a clean room with high-performance air conditioning systems. A clean room can be costly to maintain according to size.
Therefore, it is important for our dry vacuum pumps to be small foot print. We have developed pumps with smaller instrumentation and improved layouts that reduce your footprint beyond expectations.

※ Pumping speed comparison of 7,000 ~ 10,000 L/min class
※ Power consumption line graph comparison of the model A70W class

7.Nano-level polishing technique that supports semiconductor

For circuit integration of semiconductor devices, a finer and more multi-stratified wire circuit on the semiconductor wafer is indispensable. This is supported by a CMP system that planarizes fine irregularities on the surface of the semiconductor wafer.

The semiconductor device is realized by forming thin film of insulating material and conductive material on the surface of wafer with the use of a dedicated device and processing it into a fine circuit. In this process, however, the surface of the circuit becomes uneven. The CMP system turns it into a flat surface with roughness in the range of 10 to 20nm, which is equivalent to irregularity of 0.5mm on the inner side of the Yamanote rail line (with average diameter of 10km). With such high-accuracy planarization, we can laminate more than ten layers of fine circuits and thereby realize the high-level circuit integration of semiconductor devices.

The CMP system polishes a rotating wafer by pressing it on a rotating table attached with resin sheet, while pouring polishing liquid that contains fine abrasive grains and chemical solution. Ebara is a pioneer that has developed the Dry-in/Dry-out system for performing polishing, cleaning and drying inside CMP system in order to adapt polished wafers to the clean manufacturing environment of semiconductors and thereby enable installation of CMP system in clean rooms.

※ Circuit integration: Circuit integration refers to forming many transistors and memory elements within a semiconductor device of limited area, thereby enabling higher performance to be combined with more compact size.

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